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SFME E-Book!

Did you know we have a book? Although the full PDF book is included with all the Songwriting Basics Courses, you can also purchase it as a stand alone resource! 

From practical strategies to spaces for personal reflection, this interactive eBook provides tools and support for musicians and educators who want to embrace creativity and personal expression.

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Writing to Pitch Workshop

This workshop will give you tools to overcome your doubts and fears about songwriting, get some songwriting habits set up, and start writing to a pitch - which will translate into you being able to create lesson plans for any level of songwriter - we'll help you!

Winter Song Workshop

This workshop will cover style/groove, toplining and creating a winter song over an existing track. This will help you write some winter songs with your students and generate ideas for getting started writing over a track.

Creating in a DAW

Want to get started writing and creating in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) but don't know where to start? This is for you! Along with Bob Haberstat (The Shed/Rewire Theory)We'll cover three ways to get started that you can try and share with your students!

Want more? Kat & Sarah are available for both virtual and in-person workshops with you and your students!