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We are passionate about helping you discover your inner creative songwriting voice and we are so excited to share this work and journey with you! 

 Three paths to explore:

Signature Course to Get Started
Courses to dig deeper.
Free resources to get started.

Start Your Journey

With our online, on-demand Songwriting Basics Course, you'll get all the information you need to start writing songs with confidence! This course also includes lesson plans and and resources to synthesize and share the skills you're learning about songwriting with your students. 


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Dig Deeper

Want more? Our Deep Dive Courses are designed to work for YOU. They are fully asynchronous - you can take them all at your own time. 

If you're ready to dig deep into different aspects of songwriting, we've got something for you! Plus, all of our courses contain lessons and activities you can use right away to deepen you and your student's songwriting craft!


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Just looking for some free resources? We've got those too! Head on over to our resources page for free downloads and workshops to get you started!


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! We're Kat and Sarah - the founders of Songwriting for Music Educators. Together, we bring over twenty years of educational and songwriting experience to this space.


We welcome you to join this community of songwriters and music educators and hope you will go on this journey with us!


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