A fully on-demand course in songwriting specifically designed for the music educator!

Songwriting Basics, the first course brought to you by the powerhouse team behind Songwriting for Music Educators, is a one of a kind FULLY ONLINE AND ON-DEMAND COURSE. This means you move through it all on your own time - pause at any time and come back!

It is designed to empower music educators to not only write their own songs and explore their creativity, but also to empower them to help their students engage in the craft of songwriting. 


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Meet Kat Reinhert & Sarah Gulish, the creators of Songwriting for Music Educators!


Music Educators generally haven’t had access to a songwriting course designed for their specific needs - and due to the traditional nature of pre-service training, haven’t had access to spaces where songwriting is being taught.

This course is for you if:

  • Your training never prepared you for being creative in this way
  • You want to feel confident in writing songs
  • You don’t know how to get started in songwriting
  • You need new ideas for inspiring yourself and others to write
  • You’re afraid that when you do write a song you will be terrible at it
  • You struggle to understand why you need to be able to write songs to help others write their own songs
  • You teach music in any context (general, private, voice, instrumental) and are interested in knowing more about songwriting
  • You’ve written a few songs but want some more ideas about songwriting and how to engage students in writing songs
  • You’re ready to explore your personal musicianship
  • You’re unsure about how to create engaging lesson plans in songwriting
  • You think songwriting is hard

By the end of the course you will have:

A Plan

Create a plan for your personal songwriting growth as well as your students' exploration


Gain confidence in your songwriting abilities so you can share that knowledge with your students


Receive a full book, lesson planning strategies, worksheets and assessments you can use with your students


Feel inspired to go on your own songwriting journey as well as help your students discover their creative paths

Creative Mojo

Learn strategies in how to beat the overwhelm of the creative process even when you're extremely busy


Gain knowledge to help your craft flourish and to help your students develop their creative habits and explore myriad ways to write songs

But most importantly, you'll feel empowered to create and write songs!

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Course Overview

10 Modules


A Creative Practice

What is a Song

Form & Categories





Pitch-Based Writing


Future Work




Flexible instruction: work on your own in your own time

Multimedia presentation with multiple modes of learning

Lesson planning strategies and templates to use with your specific students in mind

Quick and informative lessons you can do almost anytime

Tools and ideas you can use well beyond the course

Access to experts with time tested results

What's Included with the Course?

  • Songwriting for Music Educators Book

  • Course Workbook

  • Individual Module Assessments¬†

  • Lesson Planning Strategies

  • Access to Private FB Group

  • Professional Development Credits




Thank you for making this course so engaging and being so warm and encouraging. You made it easy to take chances in learning something new!

- Samantha, K-12 teacher

Thanks to the incredibly engaging, safe, and encouraging environment/culture that is set up in this class, I was able to grow as a musician, singer, consumer of music, and teacher. Prior to this class, my musicianship identity did not include songwriter and now I can PROUDLY state that I AM A SONGWRITER!!! :-) -

Chelsea, 9-12 teacher

This team is a creative powerhouse; they are bursting with ideas to share. They are just as focused on building confidence in human beings as they are in building confident songwriters.

Jay, college professor

This course is incredibly balanced between learning new material, having access to great resources, and just experiencing a very positive and encouraging creative space. I highly recommend it to any musician looking for new ways to think about and explore their songwriting craft.

Taylor, music ed student

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