$90.00 USD

Working with Lyrics Course

This on-demand, five module course is centered on ideas and activities to engage you and your students in deeper lyric craft.

Through engaging videos, exercises, and a PDF workbook, you will leave the course with increased confidence in your abilities to both write lyrics and teach lyric writing. After this course, you will be able to: 

  1.  Use song form and lyrical spotlights to write captivating stories as a songwriter. 
  2. Write lyrics with sensory detail. 
  3. Exercise choice in point of view and perspective to create more poignant lyrics. 
  4. Develop sectional identity through lyrical change and construction. 
  5. Exercise the use of different rhymes to increase interest and anticipation. 

This course includes the following: 

  • Access to a PDF workbook with exercise examples and playlists from all five modules
  • On-demand videos and exercises for five modules on lyrical topics
    • Form & Development
    • Sensory Detail and Showing vs. Telling
    • Point of View
    • Sectional Identity 
    • Rhyme

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